Saturday, August 13, 2011

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2011/2012

Good Things can happen from Bad Things.

Thanks to the server of my client going offline, thus rendering me to work, i am able to attend the club contest last week. Luckily I reached just in time before the 1st contestant speaks and get to see all the five brave and humorous souls giving their speech.

Congratz to all the "Fast Five" for filling our evening with laughter and tears.
1.Sharon Lee
2.Albert Chua
3.Chong Mei Wen
4.Soh Giok Hian

Sharon,Mei Wen,Soh,Rizal were all first timers in this contest. I was quite happy to see so many new blood coming out from our club! Mei Wen delivered the ultimate punch and was crown Champion! There's something i can learn from Mei Wen and Albert is that they can tell jokes without smiling which i find it very difficult to do!

The second half of the contest was the Evaluation Contest.

The "Fantastic Four" Team consist of:
1.Timothy Sim
2.Kevan Tan
3.Paulyn Gan
4.Johnson Yike

Many thanks for from TARC test speaker.

This is the first time participating in evaluation for me and Kevan. After the test speaker finish his speech, we are given 5 minutes to do the evaluation and oh my...i think that was the fastest 5 minutes of my life!

Personally i'm not entirely satisfied with my evaluation because i find it weird because sometimes i speak near and far from the mike, thus causing my voice to have many variations of volumes. Hmmm...i should have stick to my own voice. I still have many things to learn from Johnson, which was the champion for the evaluation contest. I'm still not able to present an evaluation without looking at the notes:P

I've always enjoyed humorous contest simply because you can laugh your heads off at the jokes and have a good time. Congratz to all the participants and a big thanks to the organizers and judges and audience. Without you all, the contest would not be a success!

Toastmasters Mei Wen and Johnson would be representing our club to the area B4/B5 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest.

It would be held at another Toastmasters club in our neighborhood which is Lafarge Malayan Cement Toastmasters, Level 12 Bangunan TH Uptown 3, No3, Jln SS21/39, 47400 PJ.

The Date is 10th September 2011 (Saturday) 2.00pm-6.00pm. Do drop by to give support for our representatives! Go Phoenix!

Welcoming Message

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Phoenix Toastmasters Club blog!

This blog serves as online venue to let other people know about our club and also to let existing members keeping in touch of our club's activities.

This is a community club which means anyone can join. If you're interested, you are most welcome to drop by our meeting on the stated location or you can contact any of the exco members stated.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and have a nice day!

Excecutive Committee 2011/2012

President: Anna Chin, CC, CL
Mobile No: 016-3333184

VP Education: Wong Shi Wen, TM
Mobile No: 012-6749147

VP Membership: Sharon Lee, TM
Mobile No: 012-3694595

VP Public Relations: Timothy Sim, CC

Mobile No: 019-8472636

Secretary: Kelly Wong, TM
Mobile No: 012-6120928

Treasurer: Caren Choo, TM
Mobile No: 012-6598307

Sergeant At Arms: A.I. Rizal, TM
Mobile No: 016-2380069

Immediate Past President: Nichole Choe, ACB, CL
Mobile No: 016-6273560